Foundation in War

Boun D’iaan emerged from a cesspit of blood, death, and Jade created by the early High Shogunate. General Han-Ek Kan, operating from the Southern Blessed Isle, invaded and conquered Harborhead, scattering at least three Gentes to the winds. From the Dreaming Sea, Maharajah Prasanithar-Oorun Ushtoon sent his armies West through the mountains, and began pacifying the region around the life-giving Vitalis river.

The river supplied the eastern South with most of its fresh water, and it was a major conduit of firedust and other supplies. The lands around it were kept verdant with regular floods, and thus Vitalis province also kept the South in grain and other staples.

Both the General and the Maharajah styled themselves Shogun, but Prasanithar was in a much more advantageous position. He had only to challenge General Kan, while the General was also contending for territory with at least two other rivals. To buy himself time, General Kan ordered the Glistening Oasis salt Manse destroyed, and the various waterways to the Jeweled Sea blocked.

Within a year, the Jeweled Sea had curdled into a salt marsh, and the Vitalis river dried up. The Maharajah abandoned the region, stripping it of all the food and water stores he could find, and taking most of the Dragon-Blooded Gentes with him.

Thus began the War of Watered Blood, called so because it became standard practice to drink the blood of fallen foes, so short was the supply of water. Entire civilizations were plunged into famine and economic chaos. They banded around the remaining Dragon-Blooded, fighting battles to the death of the small oases that remained in the region. These wars fouled many of the springs and watering holes, only furthering the bloodshed.

The war waged for nearly a century, drawing in opportunistic Gentes, would-be Shoguns, and simple mercenaries. When the dust settled, over one hundred million people had died, and the region was a parched desert.

The Gentes that remained assessed their position, and together they traveled North. There, on the Southern shores of a salt-filled lake, they founded Boun D’Iaann.

Foundation in War

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