Boun D'Iaann


Boun D’Iaann: Where Jade Rots

This is the main page for the city-state of Boun D’Iaann

Foundation in War

Five Major Families:
Mon Bellard

The Gentes of the fledgling city wasted no time in claiming resources for themselves. They evicted mortals and spirits from nearby Manses, slaughtered native populations, and burned their crops.

Then they raised a fortress Manse named Pasiap’s Unassailable Bastion. Learning from their history, this Manse had and extensive cavern storage system and deep cisterns. The first Prefect, Kavak Hon, declared the First Law, forever inviolate.

“One tenth of the fruit of the fields, the cull of the herds, and the catch of the sea shall be stored in the Bastion.”

This law would one day save the city and its inhabitants.

Boun D’Iaann quickly emerged as a trade hub and architectural center. The Gentes built large canals and locks to move ships between the salt lakes and marshes. They even restored a First Age artificial river that ran up the mountain to the valley below the Temple of Air.

Boun D'Iaann

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