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The Home of Howling Thunder

This Shogunate-era Manse was the centerpiece of the Empress’ award to her consort, Tepet. At the time, it was considered political folly for her to deed such a powerful structure to her lover, but the results in the long-term were quite different. The Manse gave influence and power to the fledgling House, yes, but it also anchored them to the Chanos region. They were, in effect, forced to base themselves here, and even as interests have shifted, the House has always spent a great deal of capital, both financial and political, guarding it.

The Manse is constructed of a strange blue marble, veined with blue and white Jade. No more of this stone has ever been found, nor has the quarry from which it was extracted. Current theory is that the stones were originally created by Anathema during the First Age, and then were re-appropriated for the new Manse during the Shogunate.

Physically, the Manse resembles an immense pipe organ. A rectangular keep of three storeys is capped by over a dozen large towers, and over a hundred smaller stone plinths. The plinths and the towers are both sculpted with holes in various shapes. The effect is the Manse sings as the wind blows through it. The music varies depending on the season, the direction of the wind, and the will of the one who holds its hearthstone, which is called the Stone of Servile Thunder.

The towers are used primarily for research and suitably dramatic meeting areas, but one is Marcus’ private quarters.



The manse has several functions that are miraculous by the standards

Areshi Noi Locations

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