Tepet Lamass

Six and a half feet tall, with blue skin that sheds flecks of ice when he is emotional


Tepet Lamass is always in motion. He does not sit; he paces. He doesn’t talk; he gesticulates.

He rarely leaves the Tepet House compound, and thus dresses as he sees fit. He wears a Legion sorcerer-engineer uniform, with the insignia removed. He has modified this extensively, with extra pockets, straps, and pads for his joints. He and it are almost always dirty or stained in some way, often with strange reagents.

When necessary, however, Lamass can pass parade inspection with ease. He cleans up sharply, and always dresses perfectly for any formal occasion.

Lamass rarely becomes angry or yells, but one can sometimes sense a brewing disapproval from him, like the pressure in the air of a coming thunderstorm.


Tepet Lamass was born of two relatively low- Breeding parents, one of Tepet and one of Ledaal. His family was thrilled at this Exaltation, and even more thrilled when they realized just how powerful his Breeding was. Sometimes the blood of the Dragon moves in mysterious ways.

Much to his father’s delight, Lamass did well at his occult studies and sailed through the Heptagram. Much to his father’s chagrin, Lamass immediately turned those talents towards the Legions. His talent for technology, sorcery, and discipline made his assignment to the elite, limited number of airships inevitable.

After the disaster, Lamass was mostly worthless for three years. He locked himself in his quarters, refusing to leave for anything. He worked feverishly on his designs. Eventually, the House took some drastic measures. He was whisked away to a distant Manse to “recover.”

When he returned, his zeal was more tempered, more refined. He continued his studies, but showed other engineers and Sorcerers his designs. It was only a matter of time before he attracted adherents and assistants.

Now, Lamass finds himself at a cross-roads. He must either move more forcefully against his political rivals, or try to raise enough funds to build a prototype independently. Neither appeal to him, but otherwise, his Dream is doomed to remain just that.

Tepet Lamass

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