Tepet Akinai

Of middling height, a thin, sharp build, like a razor. Elaborate mustache, bright blue hair and eyes.


Akinai could never pass for mortal. His skin is the blue of a sky after a storm, with eyes to match. Small whirlwinds stir dust or trash around his feet when he moves quickly, and his breath never frosts as it leaves him, no matter how cold it is.

In public, Akinai wears the finest and most fashionable clothing available, the better to attract new business. He favors long flowing robes and capes, for his aspect markings to blow dramatically when necessary.

In private, he can hardly be bothered to change into clean clothes. In his study, he is said to sit nearly naked for hours or days on end, working out the strategies to advance the fortunes of House Tepet.

Whether in his “public” persona, or relaxing in private, his voice is deep yet soft, barely rising above a whisper. It’s a testament to his power that nobody ever has trouble hearing him.


Tepet Akinai never met a number he didn’t like. As a child, he was known for noticing the amount of…everything. He knew when someone was missing from class because the number was wrong. He knew when the guards changed shifts because there were thirty-seven swords in the armory, not forty-five..

As much as Akinai loved numbers, he seemed to abhor people. They were messy, unpredictable, and they often messed up his counting or his organization. His parents spent a great deal of money on social tutors, but it didn’t really pay off until Akinai Exalted.

After he was blessed by the Dragons Akinai realized the value of people. He had discovered finance, which seemed to him the greatest game in the world. With his new-found Exalted prowess, he took to social engagements like a shark to water. He cultivated people, learned their needs, assessed their value, and profited.

It would be unfair to say the adult, Exalted Akinai is heartless. He dotes on his children, and seems quite content with the Cynis wife brokered for him. He spends plenty of his precious Jade on her, after all. It would be perfectly fair to observe that Akinai has never once aided someone outside his family or his house unless it gained him a favor or a business deal.

Akinai’s leadership of the Palms is based on raw competence. He makes money for the House, and makes it safely and efficiently. He is less effective at political maneuvering within the family, however. While he knows how to work people, he doesn’t grasp intangibles well. This means he gets outflanked by appeals to family honor, and the potential to produce more Chosen.

Currently, Akinai has become obsessed with the new commodity and contact trading going on in the River Market, and is spending as much time there as he can. He might create a great boon for the House, or he might critically over-commit his resources, and birth a financial catastrophe that will spell the end of his career and his faction.

Tepet Akinai

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