Mnemon Tadame

Of middling height, with shimmering, black hair that undulates as if it were under water.


Mnemon Tadame, while a humble monk of the Immaculate Order, appears in no way humble to anyone who meets her. Her stride is long and decisive, her face an emblem of quite confidence. She speaks loudly, even in small spaces, the better to dominate the conversation.


Mnemon Tadame’s early life is shrouded in mystery. How her weak blood issued from House Menmon, none know. What is known is her ambitious, speedy rise through the ranks of the Order.

Tadame, however, ran afoul of Peleps Deled, and as punishment he arranged for her to be stationed in B’oun D’Iann, which he considers to be an insulting post. She is determined to achieve some great victory against the Anathema and prove him wrong.

Mnemon Tadame

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