XP Policy


I have, in the past, always run “meritocratic” games, meaning people got only as much XP as they earned. While this encouraged certain kinds of people to work very hard, it also created power gulfs, accounting issues, and simple jealousy in some cases. This “unitary” system is an experiment on my part.

I as the ST will not involve myself in any disputes about this shared XP system. If you feel you are doing all the work, and others are benefiting from it, take it up with your fellow players. If y’all unanimously decide the system sucks, we can scrap it.


Standard XP for all players: 5XP/session

Additionally, each player may earn up to 2 XP per session. Any XP earned is applied to all players. This XP may be earned by doing tasks from the bounty board, or in play.

In-play rewards:
1 XP: A good idea that significantly advances the story.
1 XP: A moment of RP that is so enjoyable, everyone at the table wants to clap.
1 XP: A level three stunt
1 XP: The booby prize. If something really bad happens to your character through no fault of your own (really bad dice roll, shit happens, etc), your pain may be assuaged with XP.

Outside rewards:
Variable: Make a NPC’s character sheet.
Variable: Complete something from the Bounty Board.
1 XP: Write up the previous session in time for it to be referenced at the next session, post to Adventure Log here on Obsidian Portal.
1 XP: Providing food or snackies in a non-distracting fashion.

If you come up with anything you think should be an XP reward, let me know.

Spending XP
You may spend XP at any time, pending my approval. Generally, you will spend XP at the beginning of a session, but sometimes it makes sense to spend it in the middle of the game (assuming it doesn’t disrupt play), or at the end of the night.

Outside of the session, email me, and I will most likely just approve it.

I will generally deny XP expenditure for a given item (a rare occurrence) for one of a few reasons.
1. The character hasn’t actually used that skill at all, or spent any IC time training on it. Example: Steve McDouche has yet to draw his sword the entire game. He hasn’t played him seeking out a mentor, or practicing, or anything like that. Steve asks to buy melee 4. Steve is denied.
2. The character is trying to purchase the highest levels of an Ability or Attribute (4-5) and hasn’t demonstrated the pursuit of this level of mastery. Example: Sally McDouche wants to buy Stealth 4. Sally has used Stealth, but hasn’t really done anything to show her character trying to advance herself, or even doing particularly challenging acts of sneaking. Sally is denied.
3. The player interrupts an important moment in the game, particularly one focused on another player, and asks to spend XP. Example: Steve McDouche is playing out a soulful scene where he confronts his ex-wife, and now the main villain of the story. Right in the middle of the speech he has prepared over the last week, Sally McDouche breaks in and demands to buy Stealth 4. Sally is told STFU NO.

If you are not sure about spending XP, ask.

XP Chart

Training Times
I’m going to mostly ignore Training Times. It’s just one more thing to track, and I’m not sure it adds much to the game. If it becomes an issue, we can discuss adding it in later.

XP Policy

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