XP Chart

The following is the chart for spending XP. For the sake of completeness, I included charm/spell costs.

CR = Current Rating. This means the level you currently have in that Trait. If you have Willpower five, and want to buy Willpower six, then five is your Current Rating.

  • = Multiplication, not globbing, Jay.
    CoF = Caste or Favored Exalts have certain Abilities or Attributes at which they naturally excel. They pay reduced cost for those Traits.

Trait Experience Cost
Attribute Increase CR*4
CoF Ability Increase (CR*2)-1
Non-CoF Ability Increase (CR*2)
New Ability 3
Specialty 3
Merit CR*3 (First dot =3 XP)
Willpower 8
Charm 10 (8 CoF)
Spell 10 (Occult CoF =8)
New Evocation 8

XP Chart

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