Who You Are

Note: The following is intended as a primer for general Patrician experiences in the Realm. It should not be taken as iron-clad as regards your PC’s personal life story. All characters in Exalted are first and foremost people, individuals with goals and lives that beggar generalization. But, we need generalization to play a game.

If any part of this doesn’t strike you as appropriate for your character, ignore it. In fact, deliberately play against it. Do what makes you happy, and what makes your character interesting. I need you to be a Patrician, and in service to House Tepet. How that happened is entirely up to you.

You are one of these mortals. You are blessed to live lives close to the holy Chosen of the Immaculate Dragons, they who were so wise in their previous lives that they were rewarded with Exaltation in this one.

A Great House is faced with hundreds of challenges and opportunities every day, far more than there are Chosen to handle them. Most Houses, and even House Tepet, bridge this gap with mortal Dynasts. In many cases, however, this causes more problems than it solves. Some Dynasts, stung by their lack of Exaltation, adopt attitudes so arrogant and self-serving that they can’t function amongst their peers, much less their inferiors. Others are coddled, kept as breeding stock, and are similarly ill-suited for such work.

Tepet Marcus spent over a century in the Threshold, and brought some strange ideas back with him. He has formed teams of mortals, Patrician and Dynast. He calls these teams Intercessors. The members of these teams often have other, daily tasks, but when necessary, they are called together by an elder, and given a problem to solve, or an opportunity to exploit.

These teams are given extraordinary power and latitude to address the issue, and are often rewarded handsomely when they succeed. However, with great power comes great consequences. Those who abuse their authority, or fail too often, bring the wrath of the Dynasts upon themselves, their friends, and their family.

You are Intercessors, and as such, you are highly skilled. It is likely that in at least one area, you are the most capable mortal in all of Chanos city, perhaps even Chanos Prefecture. Your team should be of diverse talent, and all should be capable of holding your own in a fight, should it prove necessary.

Currently, you go about your daily routine in service to the House. Be warned. Trouble looms upon the horizon.

Who You Are

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