Old Guard


The Old Guard has its roots at the beginning of House Tepet, though they would not characterize it as such.

When the House was chartered, creating a new type of Legion was the purpose. However, already descendants of Tepet had adopted other concerns. Sorcery, espionage, simple scholarship, and many other things interested the inquisitive minds of the family.

Tepet himself, and his children, explicitly acknowledged that not all members of the family would end up in uniform. For some, however, the only right way to be a Tepet was to serve in the Legions. Those became the Old Guard.


At this point, the Old Guard generally wants to see the House move in the direction of more support for the military.

Specifically, those members who live in Chanos want the House to cash in favors and get permission to raise a fourth House Legion. This would strain many resources, financial and otherwise. The Old Guard see this as a feature of the plan, rather than a drawback. It means fewer resources for other, non-military projects.

Views on the Opposition

The Old Guard oppose the Jade Palms for two reasons. First, they feel the money they make from military contracts is a gross abuse of the Legions’ trust. Second, expanding their reach would mean diverting resources away from their fourth Legion proposal.

They fight the Dreamers simply to avoid seeing resources for their own project being diverted to the airship. Additionally, many members of the Old Guard believe in the strength of their men. Sorcery, a strong sword arm, and cunning should win the day, not a fancy magical toy that sounds like something built by the ancient Anathema.


As one of the few factions in the House that has reach beyond the local, the Old Guard mostly operates as an group of old military buddies. They exchange information and favors, and sometimes meet to rhapsodize about wars past, and how powerful the House and the Realm would be if only it followed their lead.


The undisputed leader of the Old Guard in Chanos is Tepet Aria . A former general in the Legions, she currently sits on the General Staff for the Northern Command. Aria has made it clear that the Old Guard will not act directly against the other blocs, nor will they seek allies outside the House. She believes doing either would betray the House as a whole. However, sometimes soldiers can be quite creative in how they interpret their orders.

Old Guard

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