Names in Exalted

A Surf Board by any Other Name…

Creation is fucking huge. Many cultures, many different sorts of names.

Most common folk (and a few important ones) really only have one name. They might have a family name.

Anyone important in the Realm (citizens, Patricians, Dynasts) will have a family name, and a given name (or names). Following the Eastern/Asian Convention, the family name is given first. (Tepet Arada, not Arada Tepet). If someone joins the Immaculate Order , they give up their family name.

Name that PC

Noun Names. Examples: Wind, Swan, Bright Crimson Sunset, Harmonious Jade. Generally, the upper classes in the Realm don’t do this for names, but might as titles (The Roseblack) .

Real World Names: Avoid using common names that will break the immersion of the game (Bob, John, etc). Go for obscure, or perhaps archaic names (Amadeus, Eldon). Names with Roman or Asian origin fit especially well.

You can do what many fantasy writers do, and play around with sounds until you come up with something cool (Xcaar, Razakhal) .

Finally, cheat. Steal a name from a book/movie. (Kahlan, Nichodemus). Try to avoid names that are too iconic (Hamlet).

Names in Exalted

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