Jade Palms


The Jade Palms claim to be advancing the mercantile interests of the House, which date back to its founding. To them, dealing in military contracting is a natural extension of the House’s military connections.

While it is true that two of Tepet’s children founded households that focus on economic concerns, the Palms can’t really lay claim to that legacy. Instead. they simply see large amounts of Jade changing hands in Chanos, and want in on the action.


The Palms have two primary goals.

First, they want to use the House’s military connections to strengthen its mercantile dealings. More contracts being awarded to House Tepet means more money for the coffers. As a short-term goal, filling orders for military hardware and supplies bound for the Threshold, as well as supplying the Peleps Fleet figure prominently in these plans.

In the long run, they would like to see the House being a major arms supplier throughout Creation. They reason this will help the Realm compete with the Guild, and shore up satrapies. It would also vault the leaders of such an endeavor to the top of the list to succeed the current elders, a fact lost on nobody in House Tepet.

Second, they want to apply the “Tepet model” to commerce. Practical Sorcery, scholarly research, and stealthy intelligence gathering, all used to build a financial empire. The Palms have seen how much power has accrued to the weak-blooded Nellens and the upstart V’neef by stooping to engage directly in economics, and they want a piece.

Views on the Opposition

The Palms dislike the Old Guard only for opposing their plans. They would be more than happy to broker a deal, were one offered. Their overall attitudes make this unlikely.

The Dreamers are another matter. Their wild skyship ideas could easily jeopardize the credibility of Tepet suppliers, and so the Palms oppose giving them resources or a hearing. However, such an idea, if it proved effective, would be immensely useful to their goals, so they strive to keep it unfunded and unsupported, while not directly offending the Dreamers themselves.


Since there are two Tepet households that do deal with economics, albeit more indirectly, in theory the Palms of Chanos have allies. In practice, however, their plans are both too revolutionary and too politically sensitive for other households to touch, so they remain a local phenomenon, for now.

In Chanos, they keep in close contact with one another, coordinating their trades and deals to ensure maximum profit, hedging against loss. If one of them puts out a sell order for several tons of raw steel, his fellow Tepets already knew about it, and were prepared to pounce if the price drops.


The Palms are a consortium, and thus don’t acknowledge a leader. However, their most successful and influential member is Tepet Akinai, a mathematical wunderkind with a perfect memory.

Jade Palms

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