House Tepet

Seeing as you all work for House Tepet, this page is pretty important. Unless stated otherwise, consider all of this IC knowledge for your characters.

The five children of Tepet run the family jointly. at any given time, some of them are living in Chanos, but you will likely never even see them, much less speak to them.

Chanos is the traditional and official home of House Tepet, and thus they have many holdings in and around the city. Managing these holdings, and the several dozen Chosen and over a hundred un-Exalted Dynasts is the job of Tepet Marcus, a former satrap. These holdings, and these family members, are your bosses. There are probably a few hundred more Tepets in the city at any given time, either on business, or assigned to a Legion or the Navy. These are generally not your responsibility.

There are three political blocs in the household, which are all at each others’ throats at the moment.

First are the military traditionalists. They want to double down on the House’s tradition of military service. They are called the Old Guard around the proverbial water cooler.

Second are the merchants. They are making lots of money filling contracts for goods for the Legions, and want to see the family expand its mercantile interests. They are referred to as the Jade Palms, or the Whores, depending on who is talking.

Third are the engineers. They fancy themselves the great inventors, but others think they are impractical, and potentially insane. Their recent pushes for House backing for their new airship design has earned them the moniker Dreamers.

Not everyone belongs to these blocs. Some people empathize with more than one goal, and others are simply too deep into their own affairs to pay attention.

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House Tepet

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