Character Creation -- Character Sheet


We are running the Ex3 leak pdf version of Exalted, with bits imported from 2nd Edition where necessary.


Point Distribution is as follows:

Attributes: 7/5/3 +3 to freely distribute
Abilities; 30 + 4 Specialties
Merits: 10, with no overtly supernatural Merits without explicit approval.
Bonus Points: 30

House Rules:
It isn’t necessary to buy the Thaumaturge Merit in order to know Thaumaturgy.
You are assumed to be in service to House Tepet, and don’t need to buy it with Merits. Any points on Backing indicates a special degree of support.
You don’t need to purchase your status as a Patrician.
More to be added as necessary.

An additional six points will be awarded upon completion of written backstory.

Bonus Point chart:
Primary or Secondary Attribute 4/dot
Tertiary Attribute 3/dot
CoF Ability 1/dot
nCoF Ability 2/dot
Specialty 1
Merits 1/dot
CoF Charm/Spell 4
nCoF Charm/Spell 5
Evocation 4
Willpower 2/dot

Character Creation -- Character Sheet

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