Chanos Layout

As a military city, Chanos follows the grid pattern model…mostly. It is made up of three parts: the Old City, the New City, and the Ring.

The Old City

The core of Chanos is the Old City. It consists of the Formidable Splendid Bastion, and those other First Age/Shogunate buildings that survived the turmoil. This area has no real order. It’s a warren of stout old buildings and new construction. The roads weave and take strange turns, going from wide avenues to narrow alleys. In this mess lies the bureaucratic offices of the Legions.

The Old City has been renovated three times, and each time is supposed to “fix” it. However, the simple needs of the world’s largest military ensure the work is always rushed, and things are never finished. Eventually, the commanders and lords stir their political might, and the renovation ends.

The New City

The New City completely surrounds the Old City. Most of the mortal population of Chanos live in the New City. If the Old City is a tangled morass, the New City more than makes up for it. Each and every building, down to the size of the windows, the height of the stories, and the number of doors, is approved directly by Ragara Nova’s planning commission. Anything found to be out of regulation is demolished, and the owner divested of their property.

While this planning is arduous and harsh, it is effective. Chanos can evacuate its entire population via the ports and roads in a matter of hours. The warehouses, barracks, and ports can process and deploy three Legions in a day. If attacked, there are strategic buildings in every neighborhood from which to mount a defense. Since each building is approved individually, each one serves some purpose in the grand plan to defend the Realm’s military heart.

Three of Chanos’ four ports are located in the New City.

Currently, the New City is being expanded with three new market and warehouse districts. The projects are slated to be ready ahead of schedule and under budget. House Tepet is funding one of the districts.

The Ring

Beyond the New City, there is a collection of villages, military bases, caravansaries, brothels, and estates. This amorphous, slowly expanding area is termed the Ring. Most of the Dynasts have their manor houses and compounds here, as well as their farms, training yards, etc. Businesses that cater to the Exalted also set themselves up here, oftentimes on large tracts of land, hidden from casual observation. In addition to House Tepet, Sesus, Cathak, and Ragara all have large holdings here.

There are also several forts and bases for housing and training troops. The Empress carefully manages the units and commanders of these, so no one House or bloc ever has a decisive military advantage.

Finally, the Ring plays host to anything Chanos needs, but can’t get approval from the Prefect to be located inside the New City. Caravansaries are too large. Livestock pens are unsanitary. While the Realm as a whole has no moral objections to brothels, the Houses take a dim view of their soldiers being distracted. All slaves not currently employed are kept in the Ring.

Chanos Layout

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