Chanos History

Chanos, under another name, was a prized location during the Shogunate, run by a Chumyo whose name is now lost to history. When the Fae invasion pushed thousands of refugees to the Blessed Isle, Chanos absorbed them. When the Fae pushed t its shores, the accumulated remnants or several dozen legions held them off for weeks, until the Empress unleashed the Sword of Creation. This devastated most of the city, leaving the fortress intact.

The Chumyo did not submit readily to the Empress, sending her messenger back missing a hand for the temerity of challenging his command. A week later, the Daimyo was found dead in his bed, appearing to have aged centuries in the span of one night. His second swore fealty to the Empress that morning.

Chanos was not initially intended to be the Realm’s military hub. The Empress actually intended to build a new city near Juche especially for this purpose. However, as she consolidated her rule, and found herself pouring resources into many projects, she postponed the construction for nearly a century. The Empress allowed “temporary” infrastructure to accumulate in Chanos.

When her favored consort, Tepet, chose to locate his family’s main estate in Chanos prefecture, everything changed. While the Legions were already mighty, they lacked cohesion. It was known the Empress had granted charter to her favored lover to create the first House Legions, a move designed to bring uniformity to her army and bolster its number. By settling in Chanos, Tepet effectively made it the headquarters of the Legions.

The Empress made this official some thirty years later, after Tepet went missing and was declared dead.

Chanos History

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