Chanos Geography

Chanos is defined by the Yuhina river, which has its source in the hills around Meru. The Yuhina flows wide, muddy, and slow. Think the Mississippi.

The mouth of the river yawns wide. Clustered in and around it are several dozen islets, called the Pearls These range in size from a few hundred feet to several square miles. Savants are perplexed at this strange sediment deposit pattern, leading to rumors that the Pearls were created by the Anathema. This claim is bolstered by the few First Age Manses and ruins that dot the lands.

The Pearls are generally divided into two groups. The blue Pearls are mostly in open ocean. The waters around them are beautiful, almost tropical. All of the Pearls are owned by either a House or a Patrician family. The buying, selling, and trading of these prizes is the cause of much intrigue and shadowy conflict, sometimes rising to the level of kidnapping and assassination in some cases.

The Pearls closer to the river are not so beautiful. The land is mostly swamp or barren rock. The noise of the ports is constant. These are used for private docks, isolated research, or military exercises. One has a prison, maintained by the Immaculate Order, for rogue spirits.

Chanos proper sits on a flat plain on the Eastern shore with its Northern edge facing the sea. The land around it gives way to verdant hills and spots of thick forest.

Chanos Geography

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