Tepet Marcus

Tall, broad, with skin the color of dark granite and eyes like crushed gem dust


Marcus is the classic Earth Aspect. Redolent of fresh-turned earth, skin of dark granite, and eyes of hundreds of crushed gems.

He is unerringly polite to all he meets, mortal or Dynast. He rarely raises his voice, and his poise and patience are a worthy counterpoint to Tepet’s normally stormy personalities.


Tepet Marcus never served in the Legion, nor did he concern himself with money. In a House known for using its mind and sword arm, Marcus always relied on words.

Marcus Exalted at 13. Travelling along a back road, his carriage train was assaulted by particularly brave, or possibly desperate, bandits. Marcus negotiated with the bandit’s leader for well over an hour, until a patrol came up the road and intervened.

His strong Breeding and Earth Aspect markings were a surprise, as his line had produced nothing but good Air stock for centuries. When he announced he was going into the Thousand Scales, the family felt their suspicions were confirmed. Not a warrior, a merchant, or a scholar, Marcus was a waste.

If he felt resentment at his family’s attitude, he didn’t show it. Instead, he made things happen. New roads that eased the passage of Tepet goods were approved suddenly after years of stalemate. Tax assessments on distant lands dropped, as the funds to send assessors were mysteriously cut. Marcus was just warming up, however.

When the Prefect of Chanos, Sesus Aesther, died under suspicious circumstances, things looked grim. House Tepet was the logical perpetrator, with their strong connections to Chanos, and rivalry with Sesus. This made putting a Tepet in the position impossible, and deep investigation into the House’s possible involvement likely.

Marcus pushed for a “neutral” Prefect, and won the day. He advocated for a talented but obscure Dynast named Ragara Nova .House Ragara had few interests in the area, so the Empress was inclined to support her. Additionally, House Ragara Dynasts were leading the investigation, and such a gift as the Prefect seat would buy them off nicely. What nobody but Marcus and a few Tepets knew was Nova was actually a school-mate of Tepet Ejava, and desperately loyal to her.

After this coup, the House acknowledged his value, and put weight behind his advancement. He was appointed satrap of a troublesome region in the North. Marcus tripled the tribute yield, while cutting in half the necessary military commitment.

Marcus is currently running the Chanos branch of the family. Whether this is a reward, or obscure punishment for an unknown failure is a matter of some debate. In any case, his hold over the Chanos household is iron-clad.

Marcus’ wife, Tepet Pella, is a Senator in the Greater Deliberative, and almost never leaves the Imperial City. They have had well over ten children by this point, and will probably soon have another.

Tepet Marcus

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