Tepet Aria

Short and lithe, blue tinged skin. Ice sometimes accumulates on her finger nails


Tepet Aria’s is as confusing as she is stunning.

She has the build and grace of a dancer, though she in fact a deadly spearswoman, and quite skilled with throwing daggers.

Her easy beauty, grace and charming manner would mark her as a diplomat or courtesan, but she is actually a ruthless political operative and negotiator.

Were one to see her quarters, they would think her a sorcerer, perhaps a professor at the Heptagram. Her shelves are stacked with books, scrolls, and magic paraphernalia, though she spends little time in study these days.


Aria came by her military talent naturally. Both of her parents were Generals in the Legions. Her mother, from House Tepet, led a task force Legion that harassed and plundered the Scavenger Lands for decades. Her father, from Sesus, was all too happy to escape his often brutal family. A lover of strategy, he allowed young Aria to sit in on planning meetings for his crusade against the Lintha.

Aria has risen through the ranks steadily She has never served in the Tepet Legions, preferring instead to serve the Realm directly. Her experiences working with officers of other Houses as led her to both respect and disdain them. While appropriating their tactics selectively, she finds their lack of strategic depth and long-term thinking contemptuous.

Aria is a self-initiated Sorcerer. She views Sorcery as a tool, and refuses to engage in the spiritual debates or academic investigations so common to the practice. She does, however, know a startling array of spells, including some of questionable origin. Her record in the field prevents others from probing too deeply.

Aria recently lost her husband of fifty years, and has two children under five, both fostered elsewhere. Being only eighty years old, there is great pressure to remarry her, especially now while she is stationed in Chanos.

Aria uses her position on the General Staff to lobby heavily for Tepet interests, but ensures her suggestions will also benefit the Realm as a whole. Her superiors are pleased with her acumen, and there is talk that she might be in command of a Directional Army within the next few decades.

Tepet Aria

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