Sesus Chenow Yasuhiko Asaka

Short, even by mortal standards, with short hair that literally glows with blackness, and eyes that drink up all the light, reflecting none.


While most people look down to see Ysuhiko Asaka, nobody looks down on him. His eyes, with their strange, non-reflective pools or blackness,

Asaka dresses in loose garments with subdued colors. He is known to ignore the need for dressing to the weather, though this rarely affects him.


Perhaps the best way to understand Sesus Chenow Yasuhiko Asaka is to tell a short story.

Asaka, with his companions from the House of Bells, once spent a beautiful day wandering a quiet, primeval forest. Drinking, flirting, and touching as only young people do, they eventually came across a bed of iridescent flowers. Asaka, walking in front, stopped and admired them. When someone sought to walk past him through the bed, he stuck out his arm, blocking them and pointing around the mound.

“What’s this, a sentimental Sesus, and a Chenow at that?” chortled Peleps Maryx, his tone full of derision and scorn. Asaka spun and struck Maryx in the throat before the laugh had died. As Maryx choked and spat, Asaka smiled and pointed again around the flower mound.

That day, Asaka was struck by simple beauty, and protected it for its own sake. He also decisively preserved his honor, and birthed his legend. Maryx, for his part, insists that the fault lay with himself, at least in letters. Someday, Maryx may even speak again.

Asaka has spent the last ten years in the Threshold. His grief at the loss of his sister is well-known at court. His return to Realm life is both a boon and a complication to House Sesus.

Sesus Chenow Yasuhiko Asaka

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