Captain V'neef Vayroniya, the Lady Shark

Hair black, dark and sharp like obsidian, radiant black pools for eyes, and a smile wider than a shark's.



Captain V’neef Vayroniya’s warm smile and soft skin stoke desire and envy from Onyx to the Imperial City.

Unfortunately, Vayroniya cares for little but the cold of the sea and the hardness of Jade.

Of medium height and of a build normally reserved for the finest courtesans, she cuts a striking figure with her trademark plundered Lintha captain’s hat and flame peacock feather. Eschewing armor entirely, she has twin short daiklaves sheathed in dual scabbards that are lashed to her hips.

She is always smiling, showing her large, perfectly white teeth, leading her admirers and foes alike to call her “Lady Shark.” To her crew, she is simply Captain.


The second daughter and third child of V’neef, Vayroniya’s mother saw her birth as auspicious. Her hair was black, and many predicted a Water Aspected child. While this was not a good sign for the fledgling House’s purity of Aspect, V’neef’s new domain of the merchant marine made a line of Dragons drawn to the sea an attractive proposition.

And indeed, Vayroniya showed a love for the sea from her earliest days. She would sneak away when her tutors’ backs were turned to run to the beach, dive in, and swim. She showed up for formal parties late, reeking of salt, because she insisted on stopping for a quick sail around the bay in her new dress on the way.

V;neef had rather enough of her daughter’s love for the sea by this point, and arranged a marriage to the Satrap of Gem. There, she informed Vayroniya, she could build family interests, build the blood line, and learn some respect. In a few decades, perhaps her mother would arrange for a different path.

On the night that Vayroniya was to meet her future husband, she snuck out of the family compound and took passage to the Imperial City. There, under an assumed name, she hocked all of her jewelry, plus a few decorations she found laying around, and bought herself a ship. She hired a crew, and sailed away.

V’neef sent many of her merchant fleet ships, and no few pirates, after her daughter, but they could not find her, much less catch her. After a couple years, V’neef was forced to pull out of the marriage contract to the Satrap, a huge loss of face for the young House leader.

Vayroniya during this time considered herself an “unofficial privateer,” which means in practice , she was a pirate who just happened to avoid Realm shipping.

While she does not speak of it, Vayroniya gave up piracy, for reasons that remain unclear. What is known is she married a charming Outcaste she met in Nexus. He now serves as the liaison for her various shipping and smuggling clients.

Her mother has at this point officially disowned her, denying her her stipend as a Dynast, but Vayroniya continues to wear her name proudly. She even serves the Realm, on her terms and in her own ways. She has developed a reputation as a razor-sharp captain and pilot, one who will either get the job done on time or simply refuse it. Her crew is a ragtag group of sailors, pirates, and smugglers she has picked up from around the Isle and the Threshold, but all are the best, and loyal unto death.

Many members of the Dynasty rather enjoy doing business with her; they get the benefits of working with a Dynast without the political complications of House politics. None of them say this when V’neef is in ear-shot.

Captain V'neef Vayroniya, the Lady Shark

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