Pride Goes Before

It is Realm Year (RY) 760. The Scarlet Empire strides the world like a colossus. Arrayed in eleven Great Houses, led by the immortal and brilliant Scarlet Empress, the Dragon-Blooded hold Creation under their boot heel.

While the Dragon-Blooded are mighty, they are few. Every year, mere hundreds of new scions of the Realm are born, while many die in service to it.

The real power of the Realm is not in the Chosen of the immaculate Dragons. It is in the vast array of servants, soldiers, viziers, consorts, courtesans, and Savants that they rely upon.

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The Plight of Patricians

Character Creation — Backstory

Character Creation — Character Sheet

Boun D’Iaann
House Tepet
Exalted Glossary
Bounties on the Blessed Isle
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Pride Goes Before

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